Performance coach

About Steve Gent...

The only real secret to success is discovering what works for YOU. No two champions I coached ever did it the same.

The Mission:

To deliver world class health and fitness support that adds real value to the performance, longevity and enjoyment in your sport, work and life.


I’ve been privileged to work in world-class environments, collaborate with brilliant practitioners and coach some amazing high performers. It’s taught me many things and shaped my philosophy. I always focus on the big picture, whilst paying attention to the detail. I believe every great performance is built upon doing the basics brilliantly. I believe raising your standards is the key to progress. I believe “is it working for me” is one of the best coaching questions you can ask yourself. And yes… I believe in self-development, being the best version of yourself!

I believe success in sport, work and life requires hard work, determination and perseverance. But if you going to commit to something that at times will make you suffer before it rewards you, you must get some pleasure out of it. Striving for a winning performance whilst planning for some longevity and enjoyment will go some way to making you happy. Ask plenty of burnt out athletes, executives and parents! Most importantly, I believe what works for one doesn’t always for another. People often ask me what’s the “secret” to achieving their fitness ambitions and I tell them this…

The only real secret to success is discovering what works for YOU. No two champions I coached ever did it the same. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Believe in creating your own story. This is the most powerful lesson I’ve learnt.



Perhaps like you, I know how frustrating the conflicting opinions and advice can be. I set out on a mission to give you clarity and expertise you can trust. No fads or gimmicks, just proven practices that deliver results. A two-time graduate of Chichester University and certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), I hold some of the industries most prestigious qualifications. My studies have included exercise physiology, psychology, nutrition and biochemistry to name a few. Certificates aside, I apply my knowledge as a performance coach with a special set of skills. I’m a one-man sport and exercise science team, a physiologist, strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist. In a nutshell,

I’ll help you think, eat, move and recharge for success.

I advise in areas such as athlete development, physique transformation, health management and rehabilitation. In an industry flooded with so many ‘experts’ telling you it’s their way or the highway, I prefer a collaboration that recognises you as the individual you are. A team effort to engineer the best solution for your needs.



Since 1997, I’ve helped hundreds of people get fit and healthy. In sport, I’ve coached world champion triathletes and professional golfers. I’ve been contracted by the English Institute of Sport (EIS) to work with TeamGB athletes and supported amateurs in sports from boxing to badminton. I had the most amazing 10 years with British Sailing, one of country’s most successful Olympic teams ever. As part of their sports science and medicine team, I was Head of Strength and Conditioning and helped them prepare for the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

During which time the team won 16 Olympic and 90 World and European Championship medals.

Beyond sport, I’ve worked with first-time exercisers, fitness enthusiasts and those recovering from serious illness and adversity. Whatever their background, I’m passionate about seeing people achieve their ambitions; especially from those that didn’t think they had it in them. Injured athletes, stressed workaholics and knackered parents.

My Own Fitness:


I believe in looking after myself. I like feeling strong, fit, healthy and energised. It seems to make me happy! Why? Because I know it helps to add real value to the things that are important to me. It boosts my performance, longevity and enjoyment in practically every aspect of my own sport, work and life. I’m grateful everyday for my amazing family and friends. I manage my energy well and choose my priorities carefully. At 40 years old and almost as good as ever, I’m glad I discovered an important lesson early on…


My exercise is intense. I want to be fit for purpose, whatever that is! Right now, I’m getting as fast as possible on my bike, lifting heavy weights and developing my boxing skills. I sleep well, eat well and occasionally drink beer, wine, gin and rum… but not necessarily in that order!


Performance Coach

MSc Exercise Physiology
BSc Sport & Exercise Science
CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach
Pn1 Precision Nutrition

18 years+ experience
20,000+ coaching hours
3 Olympics
90+ Olympic, World, European Medals

Steve is a performance coach with expertise in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, nutrition and personal training. He combines his skills to offer world class health and fitness support. Trusted by Olympic and World Champions he’s been adding value to people’s performance, longevity and enjoyment in sport, work and life for over a decade. Helping them look, feel and perform their best. Married in Las Vegas, he currently lives in West Sussex with his wife and two kids.