High Performance Solutions

Support Themes

The services we deliver are extensive and can be used to provide a broad spectrum of ‘solutions’ for those with performance and health related goals in sport, work or life. When benefiting from multiple sessions of our services, such as in our high performance packages, you can choose your own theme to work towards your goals or be inspired by some of our own.

For Sport

Compliment your existing training and enhance your performance.
  • Personal Best
    For those requiring a best performance
  • Injury Prevention
    For those concerned about getting injured
  • Event Preparation
    For those focusing on a key competition
  • Competition Support
    For those requiring venue support

For Work

Support for Corporate Wellness and Occupational Health services.
  • Executive Athlete
    For high performers at risk from burnout
  • Robustness conditioning
    For those in physical demanding jobs
  • Resilience conditioning
    For those in mentally demanding jobs
  • Back to work
    Integrated support with occupational health

For Life

Solutions that contribute to thriving in life with good health, fitness and wellbeing.
  • Energy management
    For those tired and stressed
  • Weight loss
    For those that want to lose inches
  • Transformation
    For those that want significant change
  • Health management
    For those at risk from medical conditions

Specialised Sports Solutions


Conditioning for golfers delivered in conjunction with the Goodwood Golf Academy.


Conditioning for sailors delivered by those involved with Olympic and professional sailing teams.


Conditioning for triathletes delivered in conjunction with BTF triathlon coaches.

Boxing & MMA

Conditioning for fighters delivered in conjunction with one of countries best-equipped boxing gyms.

Residential solutions

Training Camps

Conditioning camps in the UK or abroad for individuals or groups requiring a dedicated block of intensive training.

Private Retreats

Wellbeing camps in the UK or abroad for individuals or groups requiring a dedicated block of rejuvenation.

Exectutive Athlete Course

A 2-day course delivering strategies for those who work in demanding, stressful environments.

Goodwood Hotel

Accommodation at the Goodwood Hotel can be added to any of our high performance packages.