Steve Gent High Performance coaching combines a team of specialists with performance testing equipment and extensive conditioning facilities to offer an expert exercise consultancy. Catering for elite athletes to first time exercisers, and individuals to businesses we use sport and exercise science to provide solutions for those that have performance or health related goals for sport, work or life.

For Sport

No matter what your sport, high performance and science are vital to the success of champions [...]

For Work

Understanding sport and science in terms of high performance will help manage work-related stress [...]

For Life

Doctors recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. High performance for people gets the balance right [...]

Delivering Excellence

Maintaining attention to detail, acknowledging success as the sum of all the parts [...]

High Performance for People

The concept of high performance is about delivering exceptional results.

Achieving high performance in life, work or sport can be very demanding both physically and mentally. It is the ability to cope and thrive with these demands that enable us to feel our best and perform at an optimal level. Although the physical and mental demands can be very different, their impact on the body and the methods used to deal with them are often very similar.

Athletes use sport and exercise science support to help them achieve their best performances. This involves the application of scientific principles from specialists such as physiologists, nutritionists, psychologists and expert conditioning coaches to enhance human function. Sport and exercise science support can therefore extend beyond that of elite athletes and also be used by a range of individuals, athletes, businesses and teams that desire exceptional results in life, work or sport.    [...]

Sport and Exercise Science

High Performance for People is strongly grounded in science. How your body works, how you think and what you eat all need to work in harmony for you to achieve exceptional results. Our highly trained ‘Performance Coaches’ utilise the latest research and technology to facilitate your performance, learning and development. Integrated sport & exercise science support includes physiology, psychology, nutrition, conditioning and performance analysis.

The facilities

We collaborate with several venues to provide our services. In addition to the locations below we can also consider consultancy at your requested location, either in the UK or abroad.

West Sussex

A fully equipped private conditioning facility located at the Goodwood Golf Academy. [...]

Chichester University,
West Sussex

World-class human performance facilities at the University’s Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Unit (SPRU) [...]

VK Gym,
West Sussex

Extensive conditioning facilities for sport and fitness training at the south coast’s best equipped boxing gymnasium. [...]

All About You,

Performance and wellbeing facilities at the premier health and fitness company in Highgate, London. [...]

Steve Gent M.Sc, B.Sc, CSCS

Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Steve founded his own sport and exercise consultancy in 2001. Since that time he has worked with an extensive range of clients including World and Olympic Champions.

A two-time graduate of Chichester University, Steve has an Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and extensive qualifications in personal training. In addition to working in elite sport, Steve has personally coached hundreds of individuals, has worked as a gymnasium manager, a consultant to both a GP and Mental Health referral programme, and lecturer in several higher education establishments.

Contracted by the English Institute of Sport to work with a variety of athletes, Steve went on to become a key member of the Sports Science and Medicine team for British Sailing. As a conditioning coach and later Head Coach, Steve helped prepare athletes for the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics. The athletes he trained retuned a total of 16 Olympic medals and finished on the podium in over 90 World and European Championships.

The Team

We have an established network of professional practitioners that enable us to put together comprehensive solutions whatever your needs. Working together, this team provides an integrated approach that puts our clients at the centre and includes:

  • Physiologists
  • Conditioning Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Soft Tissue Therapists
  • Sports Scientists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Professional Sports Coaches
  • Occupational Health Consultants
  • >Medical Practitioners

Dynamic development

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Market & Competitive Intelligence

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Innovation & Technology Management

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analysis

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Market research solutions

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Who we work with

How we work

aIt all starts with goals, ambitions, wants and needs. Once you have identified what you would like to achieve, let us know and we can discuss the services that will best support you.
bUsing a simple questioning process or if necessary a detailed needs analysis, we will ensure the services provide you with a solution that is specific to your requirements and aligns to your goals.
cThat solution may consist of a single session or a comprehensive package that involves working in conjunction with other practitioners to create your very own integrated support team.